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Elite Auto Design can change the colour of your window trims and other trim parts such as front grille, fog lamp trims and surrounds.


If you have silver chrome trim we can wrap it in any colour or finish from our range to achieve the chrome delete look. We can wrap almost any chrome trim on any vehicle at a fraction of the cost of replacing all the individual aparts with black or carbon fibre finish versions. We can give you an Audi Black Edition look or alternatively highlight chrome trims in an alternative contrasting colour depending upon whether you want a stand out or stealthy look to your vehicle.


With 1000's of colour and texture options available there really are more options than you can imagine.


For further information or advice please call: 0151 321 2151 or fill out the form below:

Dechroming or Colour Change Wrap of Grills and Trims

Car Wrapping Benefits Vehicle Wrap Colours Matt Black Car Wraps Carbon Fibre Wrapping Chrome Car Wraps approved_by_hexis_3m_avery Roof Vinyl Wrapping Glitter Metallic Car Wraps How We Wrap Your Vehicle Dechroming Car Wraps Commercial Vehicle Wraps IMG-20141227-WA0006 GEDC0215

Jaguar XJ Before Wrapping

Jaguar XJ Wrapped in Matt Black with Chrome Delete and Covex Headlamp and Tailight Film. Yes it is the same car!

Mini Cooper S Works Carbon Fibre Wrap Chrome delete on Volkswagen Amorok car chrome removal liverpool Porsche dechrome vinyl wrap