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Car Tinting Film Types

Sun Protect UV+ films are available in a number of different shades, all of which provide UV protection, glare reduction and heat reduction, please see below for details on each film.



SunProtect UV+ Window Film Specifications / Description

Technical Details Explained

                                                   The  amount  of  light  that  the  tint allows to pass through into the vehicle so the lower the VLT % the less light will come through the glass and the darker the glass will look.


                                               The ability of the tint to reflect heat away from your cars interior and help keep it cool, the higher the number the more it will help to cool your car.


                                  The  amount  by  which  the  tint  reduces  glare  from  sunlight  during  the  day  or     from headlamps in your rear view mirror if driving at night.


                                    The  amount  of  UV  light  rejected, all SunProtect UV+ film rejects 99.9% of UV light therefore helping to protect you and your passengers from the harmful effects of the sun as well as reducing fading of your vehicle interior. (We can even apply clear SunProtect UV+ to your front side windows to give total protection from UV light.


              All of the SunProtect UV+ films are charcoal in colour and vary in how dark they look on a vehicle with 05 looking the darkest (sometimes referred to as limo black and 75 being the lightest.

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Visible Light transmission:

Solar Energy Rejected:

Glare Reduction:

Ultra Violet Rejected:



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