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Car Window Tinting Laws

We work closely with the police authorities to promote responsible window tinting of vehicles. We test all front drivers & passengers window glass for minimum Visible Light Transmission - VLT -prior to installation.


SunProtect UV+ Packages do not include applying tinted films below 70% VLT to the front side glass as this impairs the driver’s view of the road and so poses a serious risk for other road users. As well as being against the law, tinted film applied to front windows may also invalidate your insurance as your vehicle will fail to meet construction and use regulations.


Under no circumstances will we fit window film to vehicles if in our opinion it will compromise the safety of the driver, the vehicle occupants or other road users.


We are always happy to advise on the legalities of applying window film to your vehicle and can advise as to the best possible options for both style and practicality.

Audi Q7 Tinting Police Nightime window film shades daytime example window tint shades

Daytime / Nightime Vision with different shades of window film installed:

The above examples show the different levels of vision achieved by applying different shades of window film, whilst all of these film types are completely legal for use on all car rear windows and side windows behind the driver, it can be clearly seen why it is not safe for the front side windows to have anymore than a 70% tint applied. Should you require any further advice with regards to car window films or window film shades we will be pleased to be of assistance, just telephone: 0151 321 2151 or fill out an enquiry form on our contact page.