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We offer a wide range of coloured and textured wrapping films, which quickly transform the look of your car. Many people customise their car to make it stand out from the crowd and give it a stylish look, whether it's a full wrap or just the bonnet or roof, after Elite Films have been installed your car will turn heads. There are almost limitless combinations available with the most popular at the moment being glitter effect, matt metallic and chrome vehicle wraps.


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Carbon fibre wrapping textured bonnet

Paint Protection:

Higher Residual Value:

Nissan Skyline Matt Black Wrapping Details

Keep your car but change the colour:

DSCF2115 nissan gtr carbon fibre wrap Audi Q7 Wrapped in Glitter Pink

Benefits of Car Wrapping

Change the colour of your car without the expense of a professional re-spray which can cost over twice the amount of a colour change wrap.

Save money buying a new car:

Save when changing or upgrading your car, you can save thousands of pounds on some vehicle models if you buy certain colours. Buy the car and wrap it into the colour of you really want.

Vehicle wrap films can help protect your original paintwork from damage caused by stone and gravel impacts, road salt and grit and help reduce damage from minor abrasions. It also helps reduce fading by blocking UV rays from the sun which means your original paintwork will retain its shine and lustre.

Should you require a higher level of paint protection we can install our optically clear paint protection films to your vehicle, please click here for more information:

By helping to protect your vehicle paintwork a vehicle wrap can help you obtain a better price for your vehicle when it comes to selling it as you can just have the wrap removed to reveal your original paintwork underneath which has been shielded from day to day wear and tear, this can make a real difference when returning a lease car as it can help keep any charges to a minimum.


With car wrapping you really can make your vehicle your own and stamp your personality on it. Whether its just a single colour change or maybe a two tone or camoflage style design we can help you make your car personal to you, and if you get bored you can always change it again as unlike paint, vinyl wraps can be removed and replaced.