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Did you know that 70% of the heat gain in your conservatory comes from the roof?


Once Elite Films have installed the correct window film the heat gain can be reduced by 80%


For example:


Outside temperature                                                                 25 degrees

Inside Conservatory Temperature                                          35 degrees

Difference in Temperature                                                 +    10 degrees

80% of 10 degrees                                                                       8 degrees

Inside Temperature of Conservatory with film applied       27 degrees


Did you know that the right window film applied to your conservatory roof can reduce the glare from the sun by up to 80% making the experience of your conservatory more pleasurable, allowing you and your loved ones to read, watch TV and relax without squinting your eyes.  


Did you know that applying Elite Films to your conservatory will stop 99% of all damaging UV Rays, ensuring that the furniture and floor covering stays in top condition.


We can apply film to the side windows as well as the roof of your conservatory if you want to further reduce glare and the effects of UV or even if you just want some additional privacy.





At Elite films we can install high tech films which won’t spoil the view, it is a misconception that dark window film is needed to protect you and your loved ones from the harmful effects from the sun. Installing our Ultra-VisionDS will give fantastic results, whilst allowing you to view the outside in comfort.


 Advanced solar performance, including heat, infrared, and UV rejection

 An elegant, barely visible appearance

 Non-corrosive, all-metal raw materials that eliminate the need for edge sealing  

 Low interior and exterior reflectivity, therefore, the view of the outside is unaltered

 Available for internal and external installations

 Full warranty against faulty product and workmanship


For a quotation please call: 0151 321 2151 or fill out the form below, if the floor area and type of conservatory is known please use the appropriate boxes to tell us.

Don't Spoil the View!

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