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Bathroom Window Frosted Georgian
Bedroom Window Blue Tinted Glass
Frosted glass number 15
Partition Door Frosted side windows
Frosted Glass panels Tropical Design


Frosted films allows increased privacy but still allows light in to your bathroom, we can offer a plain frosted film or almost any pattern or design you can imagine.


We can apply a massive range of films to bedroom windows, anything from clear solar and UV control films, to smoked films in a range of different shades. Also available are colour tinted films in a range of different colours, there are so many different choices available and we are always happy to explain and demonstrate all the possibilities. No matter what your requirements are we are sure to have a solution.

Frosted Glass

Glass can look plain and boring, Elite Films offer a large range of patterns, or you can design your own. If it’s your house number or house name we can give it that designer image. Frosted film will also enhance the look of your glass, whilst giving you privacy.

External / Internal Doors

Why not add to your Interior decoration! Elite Films can install frosted films to any of your External/Internal doors. Frosted films will dramatically increase the look of your home, whilst adding safety and UV protection. (Design your own look)

Patio Door Decoration

The latest style is Patio decoration, these films can be easily removed, allowing you to add some nice scenery that brightens up the dull room in the winter months.

Bathroom Window Frosted Patterned
Bedroom Window Pink Tinted Window
Frosted glass number 28
Partition Door Frosted Grid Pattern
Frosted Patio Door Tropical