We can help reduce this dramatically!

We have an extensive range of specialist film that we can apply to external glass, be it windows, sky lights, patio doors, conservatories, garden rooms or in fact anything made from Glass! Available in a range of shades to provide the look you require along with the significant enviromental benefits of UV, heat and glare reduction.

How Does Window Film Work

Energy-saving construction materials are becoming increasingly more available as homeowners look for different ways to save money throughout their homes. One of the most popular ways is by insulating the house well enough to prevent heat transfer to and from the outdoors. Low-e windows are designed to both protect materials within the home and significantly lower energy costs by sealing windows, one of the primary heat loss locations.


Low-e stands for low-emissivity, which means that the window allows only certain types of light to pass through. The film blocks a large amount of ultraviolet, or UV, light before it can pass through into the house. Not only does UV light carry a lot of energy to add unwanted heat during the warmer months, but it can also damage some types of furniture or carpet through repeated exposure. Low-e films are designed to give windows a barrier to prevent these problems.


The film is actually a very thin layer of plastic coated with some type of metallic element or metal oxide. This metal compound stops the UV light from making it through the film, while allowing other wavelengths to pass through with no reaction. Some windows can be bought with the film already installed, while other films are available for being bought and applied to existing windows. However, they will diminish some of the natural daylight entering the windows.

UV Light Admittance

Low-e films work on two levels at the same time: reflection and absorption. The metal elements are designed to provide a semireflective surface that will dissipate some of the solar heat in the UV rays before they even make it through the film. The metal elements will also absorb the energy in the photons instead of letting it pass into the atoms inside the house. Elite Films can reduce solar heat by 80 percent to 90 percent.

UV Solar Rejection Graphic