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Vehicle Wrap Proceedure - Not All Wraps Are Equal

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Not only do we use the very best wrap materials available, we also take an immense amount of pride in the work we do to ensure every installation is of the highest standard. A wrap is only as good as the installer makes and we believe our attention to detail is second to none.


Below is an overview of our minimum wrap proceedure, some specialist finishes such as mirror gold wrap require a number of further stages in addition to these:


Day 1:


Vehicle exterior is cleaned, rinsed and then dried to remove major contamination.


Strip down of items such as door handles, wing mirrors, and body trims.


Car is then left overnight in a temperature controlled workshop to dry out properly and ensure that the   vehicle is at the correct temperature for wrapping the following day.


Day 2/3:


All panels are given a further clean with relevant wrap manufacturers pre installation wrap cleaner.


Wrap is commenced. Each panel is cleaned again with the relevant manufacturers final cleaner and then individually wrapped and then post heated. (Post heating is the most critical aspect of any wrap and if not done correctly can result in failure of the wrap, this and overstretching are the two most common reasons for wrap failures.)


Day 3/4:


Once all wrapping is completed all parts are refitted to the car and an inspection of the wrap is made.


The vehicle is then left overnight to allow the wrap material to bond to the vehicle correctly.


Day 4/5:


Final inspection of the wrap and then final clean and polish/dressing of the wrap depending on finish.


Vehicle is handed back to you and advice is given on cleaning and looking after your wrapped vehicle.


A full vehicle wrap should take a minimum of 3 to 4 days, any company offering to complete a full colour change wrap in any less time than this is not following industry best practice and wrap vinyl manufacturers guidance, vehicle wrapping is all about attention to detail and as can be seen from the abbreviated proceedure above it cannot be rushed. All times are for guidance only and vary depending on wrap material used and the individual vehicle.


We appreciate it is a significant time to be without your vehicle but the above processes ensure your vehicle wrap is applied correctly which will result in a long lasting quality installation.


We are always more than happy to discuss any aspect of the vehicle wrap process with you and actively encourage you to visit us with your vehicle, if however you are unable to visit us we can answer any questions you may have by telephone on 0151 321 2151.

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